Divorce & Dissolution

In Ohio, a marriage can be terminated through court actions of divorce, dissolution and annulment.  Helping you through this often difficult process is our priority. As experienced Divorce Lawyers in Ohio, our team is prepared to use their expertise properly represent you in court. Our offices are in Haskins and Bowling Green, Ohio, and we are available to help you navigate through the legal system, answer your questions and protect your rights.

If you need help with a Dissolution or Annulment, or need a Divorce Lawyer, please contact our office and ask for Attorney Joel Kuhlman. We can help you through this difficult time and the guide you through the legal steps required. If you have questions about terminating a marriage, or the process, contact our office today.


What is Divorce?

Divorce” is the legal separation and termination of the marital relationship granted by the court only when “grounds” for divorce exist.  Because you need a Divorce Lawyer to guide you through the legal proceedings and the Ohio court system, Joel Kuhlman can help you protect your property rights and your parental rights. Retaining an experienced divorce lawyer ensures you are properly represented and we are prepared to stand in your corner in court and fight for your rights.

How does Dissolution differ from Divorce?

Dissolution” of marriage is a non-adversarial legal proceeding terminating a marriage. In order for a Dissolution to be granted by the court, the parties must enter into an agreement and submit a petition to the court which resolves all relevant issues such as division of property, allocation of marital debt, allocation of parental rights and responsibilities, etc., and also requests that the court terminate their marriage.

Experienced in the Ohio court system, our divorce lawyers help our clients discuss these issues with their spouse so that each issue can be resolved and the dissolution procedure can be used.

The possible advantages of a Dissolution are that it is faster, less expensive, and results in less conflict and confrontation with your ex-spouse.

What is an Annulment?

An “Annulment” is a decree from a court determining that the marriage is legally invalid because of some defect that existed at the time the marriage was entered into. An annulment decree declares that marital status never existed.