Personal Injury

Personal injury is a legal term for an injury to the body, mind or emotions. Knowledgeable about personal injury law, we can help you with your legal rights if you are suffering from an injury. You have the right to file a tort lawsuit alleging that the injury sustained was caused by the negligence or wrongful act of another, and seek compensation.

As experienced Ohio lawyers, many types of personal injury claims are handled by our law office and these cases include auto accidents and motorcycle accidents, personal injuries from accidents at work, tripping accidents, assault claims, accidents in the home, product defect accidents (product liability) and holiday accidents.

We have experience, as personal injury lawyers, representing clients who have been injured in accidents reach successful legal outcomes. It’s our job to prove the negligent actions of the offender so that monetary compensation is received as a settlement for the financial harm and pain and suffering resulting from the injury. It is important to understand that in Ohio this process is complex and a qualified attorney experienced in personal injury should be used to navigate the legal system properly for you.

At Joel Kuhlman, Attorney at Law, we often represent clients on a contingency fee basis, in which the personal injury attorney’s fee is a percentage of the plaintiff/victim’s eventual compensation, and is payable when the case is resolved. Trust the success of our team – give us a call today if you have been a victim of an accident due to negligence and need a personal injury lawyer.